Tarp Tie-Down Kit

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We're always looking for ways to make the tarping/untarping process both faster and easier, and these tarp tie-dow kits are hands down the best thing we've come up with! No more using rocks and logs to try to hold your tarps down. Just put one of the reusable snaps on either side of the end of the tarp, put two anchor stakes in ground and then use the ball bungees to secure the snaps to the anchors. 

When you're ready to ride all you have to do is undo the bungees from the anchors and roll up your tarps as usual. The fixed anchor points make re-tarping fast and easy! Just unroll the tarp and put the bungees over the anchors. 

We've been testing these out since last fall on our most wind exposed line, and even though we've had storms come through that were strong enough to bring down some trees, not one tarp ever came off or ripped! They've also significantly reduced the time it takes for us to tarp and untarp. Definitely a game changer when we've had to race to get the tarps secured before it started raining.

Each kit contains (4) reusable snaps, (4) 6" ball bungees and (4) 6" anchors; just what you need for one jump (lip and landing). Though you could use them to anchor the tarps on the backs of the jumps, for cost reasons we recommend using permanent anchors such as garden staples, since you aren't really ever going to need to remove them. 

The kits are sold individually and in sets of 5, 10, 20 and 50. The greater quantity you order, the more money you save.