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Mission Cease Brake

Regular price $16.99

You're just throwing your money away if you spend more than $16.99 on a set of u-brakes. Mission's Cease brake is hands down the best u-brake that I've ever run; and that's coming from a certified brake nerd! I was so impressed with them that I decided to carry them here in the CYDI Store. Check out our full review HERE!

The Cease brakes feature die-cast aluminum arms with extra wide bends and low profile offset spring caps so that they work with the wide tires and wide backends found on bikes today. They include ProMax 260 pads and a one-piece straddle cable hanger system with fixed ball ends. All of that together makes for a smooth, stiff and responsive brake that will ensure that you can stop on a dime and leave nine cents change. Did I mention they only cost $16.99?!